Why Our Custom
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Why our custom pins are better

Inlightens.com is the web's #1 source for custom pins, standard flashing pins, body lights and glowing products. Our specialty is developing high-quality custom pins for businesses, fundraisers, promotions and special events. Our next-generation custom pins are the finest LED pins available anywhere, and have advanced features not found elsewhere. Our skilled in-house artists can also work with customers to create designs that will generate attention for your product, business or school.

They just look better. Most standard flashing pins have artwork quality that's disappointing at best. Our flashing pins have beautiful photo-quality artwork and look great even when turned off.

Thin and light. Our custom pins are much thinner and lighter than standard "twist-on" flashing pins. This is because our superior engineering allows our pins to run on one battery instead of two. Standard "twist-on" pins use two batteries, making the pin much thicker and heavier.

Easy on, Easy off. Our custom pins feature an on/off button for reliability and convenience.

Won't fall off. The small yet very powerful magnets on our custom pins, combined with their light weight, effectively prevent the pins from falling off while you're wearing them. This is a significant advancement over standard "twist-on" flashing pins, which often use low-quality, weak magnets.

Customizable. Have a flashing pin design in mind? Let us make one for you! Give us any photo, business logo, etc. and we can produce beautiful custom pins in quantities as low as 3,000! We can make pins to your specifications, with details including custom shapes, LED placement, number of LEDs, colors, illumination style and more!

We also offer a wide variety of custom graphic design and print services. No hidden charges and free UPS Ground shipping on all pins made-to-order. We can work with most popular graphics and design software file types. Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files are the preferred method of artwork submission. There is no additional charge for artwork assistance (except in extreme cases) and we can often design a great pin for you from scratch!

Special Order Thin Pin Turnaround Time
We can turn your artwork into beautiful pins in 4-5 weeks. In some situations we can perform this quicker. Turnaround time varies depending upon where we are in the production cycle. We typically place orders with the factory every 4-5 weeks or so. Once a batch gets submitted, it typically takes 4 weeks to receive the pins from that point. So, if you place an order right as a batch is submitted, you may have the pins in less than 3 weeks, but if it is right past the batch deadline then it may be 7-8 weeks before the pins arrive since we have to wait for the next batch to be submitted.

Minimum quantity: 3000 pins

Wholesale per-pin price (existing shape):
Setup fee: $285.00
3,000-5,000 pins = $1.56
5,001-10,000 pins = $1.49
10,001-25,000 pins = $1.43
25,001-50,000 pins = $1.37
50,001-100,000 pins = $1.33

Pricing examples:
3000 existing shape pins = $285 setup fee + ($1.56 x 3000) = $4,965.00 + shipping
5000 custom shape pins = $595 setup fee + ($1.67 x 5000) = $8,945.00 + shipping

Wholesale pricing available for resellers.

Customer Service. We are always seeking new products and designs, always striving to advance the latest technology and always dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Inlightens is a division of Complete Business Systems, a Southern California-based company with over 20 years of experience providing exceptional customer service. We look forward to serving you and we always welcome your comments and suggestions!

We welcome your questions and feedback! Call us toll-free at 866-584-7812 or direct at 909-946-5995 for more information!

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