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Inlightens Custom
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Inlightens Custom Pin FAQs

1. Why should I buy flashing custom pins and body lights from Inlightens.com?
Because we make the finest flashing pins available at very competitive prices. We also have great customer service and handle every order with professionalism, dedication and care. Our custom pins have vastly superior artwork compared with standard pins available from other vendors. Our flashing pins have beautiful photo-quality artwork and look great even when turned off.

Our custom pins are thin, light, elegant and have powerful attachment magnets so they stay put while you're wearing them.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your results.

2. How long does it take to make a flashing custom pin order?
This depends on several factors, but the typical time is 4-5 weeks. In some circumstances we can make them faster; our fastest turnaround is less than 2 weeks. Or in other circumstances, such as very large orders, a project may take a week or two longer. Please keep in mind these pins are hand-made and have many small, high-tech components that take time to manufacture and test. Our manufacturing facilities have very high standards for quality control.

Please let us know if you have a specific deadline and we'll see if we can get your project done in time.

3. Are these pins good as fundraisers?
Absolutely! Flashing custom pins make a great fundraiser. Many of our customers buy our custom pins specifically for this purpose. This is especially effective for school logos, mascots, etc. For example, at an order quantity of 3,000, each custom pin will cost about $1.56. At a retail price of $5.00 (conservative estimate), your gross profit is approximately $3.50 per pin, or $10,500 total!

4. Are the pins reliable?
Yes! Each custom pin is hand-inspected to ensure quality operation. The pins are designed to be rugged and reliable and give you a long service lifetime.

5. How long do the batteries last?
The batteries typically last about 48 hours of continuous operation. We also offer replacement batteries at very low wholesale prices.

6. What do you mean by "existing mold" and "custom mold" for your Thin Pins?
Existing mold. Since most customers choose to put their artwork on typical shapes such as circles, squares and rectangles, we have blank molds and circuit boards available in these shapes ready to go. These are "existing mold" custom pins. We can manufacture these pins with your full-color artwork in quantities as low as 3,000 pieces. These custom pins all feature 6 LED lights (2 blue, 2 white, 2 red) that flash in a circular pattern around the edge of the pin. You can see some existing mold pins on our home page and other pages around the site.

Custom mold. We can also custom-design and build a new circuit board (mold) for you and make a "custom mold" pin. For this type we can make almost anything (within reason, of course). We can make custom shapes and sizes to your desires. As always, the artwork is full-color. You can also choose the color, position and flashing effects of the LED lights. We can even do elegant effects such as fading light colors. Please note that the custom mold pins we make for you take more money and effort to produce; therefore the minimum quantity is 5,000 pins. There will also typically be extra time involved (average about 1-2 weeks) to prepare the artwork and specifications to make sure the finished product is exactly what you want.

7. What are the dimensions of your custom Thin Pins?
For a custom mold Thin Pin that is designed to your specifications we can make a pin in any size you like (within reason, of course).

The existing mold pins have the following dimensions:
Circle: 3cm (1.2") diameter x 0.6cm (0.2") deep.
Square: 3cm (1.2") sides x 0.6cm (0.2") deep.
Rectangle: 2.5cm (1.0") high x 3.5cm (1.4") wide x 0.6cm (0.2") deep.

8. What is the pricing on flashing custom Thin Pins?
The minimum quantity is 3,000 pins. For more information, please call us at (866) 584-7812 or e-mail us. Wholesale pricing is available for resellers.

9. Is there any extra charge for multi-color LED lights or full-color printing?
No. All charges are included above.

10. Will you sell my custom pin design to other customers?
No! Your custom pin design is yours and only for you. We typically make a few extras of each production run to use for reference, on flyers and as samples to show to other prospective customers and potentially feature on our web site. We would never sell them without your permission. If you don't want your design even shown to others we will honor your wishes.

11. Can you create the custom pin artwork for me?
Yes. We can help you at every stage in the creation process. There is no charge for this assistance except in very unusual cases where the art is extremely difficult or unusually time-consuming. A reasonable hourly charge will apply in these cases.

12. Will you make custom pins that are trademarked or licensed?
No. Inlightens.com will not manufacture custom pins with licensed art or trademarks unless the trademark belongs to your company or you can prove that you have the right to use the marks.

13. How do I submit artwork to Inlightens?
We are very flexible and can take most popular types of computerized graphics files. The preferred method is Adobe Illustrator (.ai) but we can accept others as well. We can also take a standard JPEG (.jpg) photograph. You may also physically send us photos. We will digitize them, edit them as you wish and turn them into great custom pins.

14. How can I contact you to place an order or ask more questions?
We welcome your comments, questions and feedback! Call us toll-free at 866-584-7812 or direct at 909-946-5995 for more information!

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